Assessing, Building and Tax Information

We have provided a link to BS&A software so that you can look up information pertaining to real property, special assessments, tax payments (current and history) and building permits. Please click here to be redirected to the BS&A website.

Information provided is from the 2012 Assessing database.  

When you look up parcel information, you may have questions as to what some abbreviations and codes mean.  The following are some legends that may help.

Property Class

201 Commercial, Improved
202 Commercial, Vacant
301 Industrial, Improved
302 Industrial, Vacant
401 Residential, Improved
402 Residential, Vacant
701 Exempt, Improved
702 Exempt, Vacant

School Districts

41110 Forest Hills
41050 Caledonia
41170 Lowell

Zoning Codes

ARC  Agriculture Rural Conservation
R1     Residential
R2     Residential
B1     Village Business
B2     General Business
O       Office
AC     Airport Commerce
I        Industrial
ES     Expressway Service
PUD  Planned Unit Development

Special Assessment Definitions

The title inside the box refers to the Special Assessment District name.

S/W by Dev  - The Developer put in Sewer and Water, no Specials are due to  the Township.
S/W 0 due  -   Sewer and Water Available, nothing is due
No S/W  - No Sewer or Water available, parcel on well and septic
Deferred - Sewer or Water, This means the amount indicated will be due upon connection.  Deferred amounts are subject to change.
S/W  - If there is an amount due, it will be specified if it is for water or  sewer. Deferred to City of Grand Rapids  Call City (456-3041) for amounts due