Residential Review

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Conducting a reappraisal in the Township is not only a requirement of the State of Michigan but also an excellent way to update our property records. Correct information on file is essential to fair and equitable assessments for all.
If your area has been selected for the 2023 residential review, we are requesting owners to verify data about their property characteristics. Our residential appraiser will review your information, along with the current property record card, recent aerial photography and prepare the record card for the following years’ market study and estimated valuation.
Additionally, a picture may be taken of the exterior of your property by an appraiser. Photos of the front of your home are generally taken from the street to update our records.  Should there be an obstruction from the street, the photo of the front of the home will be taken from the driveway. Our vehicles are marked with Cascade logos and Cascade Township’s Assessing field staff should always carry a photo identification to present when requested.
Residential reviews must include an entire geographic neighborhood. Each property is reviewed whether or not the resident responds to the survey. Here is a list of the 2023 neighborhoods we will be reviewing as part of this years’ neighborhood residential study: 

2023 Reappraisal

Neighborhood Parcel Count
#8 Cascade Farms 33
#11 Forest Shores 36
#48 Central 175
#50 Whitneyville/I-96 284
#53 Caledonia 326
#120 Caledonia Subdivisions 93

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State of Michigan Property Inspection Bulletin

State of Michigan Policy Regarding Annual Inspection of Property


Field Inspections

Normally letters are sent to the taxpayer asking for an appointment in order to review the new construction, remodel or any addition to the property. On-site data is added to our records accordingly. If no inspection is performed, information is added per the building permit or from the best data available in our office.