These maps may take several minutes to download.  Many of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat format.
PDF IconBurton Street Park Map
Map of Burton Street Park highlighting the Sarah and Mike Julen Hiking Trail

PDF IconCascade Township Street Map
Grid map of Cascade Township with the streets listed alphabetically and their corresponding grid locations

PDF IconCascade Township Recreation Park - Disc Golf Map
Map of Cascade Recreation Park marked with the locations of each disc golf hole 

PDF IconCascade Township Zoning Map 
Cascade Township's official zoning ordinance map and PUD List; last updated June 2021

PDF IconElection Precinct Map
Cascade Township election precinct map with street index; last updated November 2021

PDF IconFire and EMS Calls - 2007
Map of Cascade Township will all fire and EMS call locations in 2007

PDF IconFuture Land Use Map
Cascade Community Vision future land use map

PDF IconPark Connection Map
Map detailing Cascade Township parks, existing trails/sidewalks, and planned trails.

PDF IconPeace Park Map
Map of Cascade Peace Park with trail locations and lengths

PDF IconPedestrian Pathway Map & Legend
Map of Cascade's non-moterized trail system

PDF IconRestricted Burning Area Map
Map of restricted burn areas in Cascade Township; last updated October 2007

PDF IconREGIS - Regional Geographic Information System
Parcel finder, planning/park finder, cemetery finder, regional land use info, and interactive web maps

PDF IconSanitary Sewer Map
Cascade Sanitary Sewer Master Plan map; last updated March 2011

PDF IconStormwater Management Zone Map
Cascade Stormwater Ordinance management zone map; last updated May 2008

PDF IconWatermain Map
Cascade Public Water Master Plan map; last updated March 2011