Township Board Members & Meetings

The Township Board is the general governing body of the Township
and encourages attendance at their bi-monthly meetings.  

Meet Your Township Board

Seated, from left: Treasurer Windy Korstange; Township Supervisor Grace Lesperance; and Clerk Sue Slater. Back row, from left: Trustee John Shipley, Trustee Jim Koessel, Trustee Tom McDonald, and Trustee Timmy Noordhoek.

Township Board Meetings 
The second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the 
Cascade Branch of Kent District Library, Wisner Center, 2870 Jacksmith Dr.

Meeting dates are adjusted due to conflicts with holidays and election activities; these rescheduled dates are listed on the Township Meeting Schedule which is released at the beginning of each calendar year. Further, special meetings of the Township Board may be called periodically to address particular issues or to conduct a joint meeting with another governing body or other Township advisory boards or commissions.

The Township Supervisor presides over meetings of the Township Board. When the Supervisor is absent, the Township Board will appoint one of its members to serve in this role.  At each meeting of the Township Board an agenda of business to be conducted is available inside the meeting room, shortly before the meeting, as well as in the Agendas and Minutes section of the township website.  

Citizens are welcome to address the Township Board on matters not on the agenda during the "public comments" section of the meeting. Otherwise, if the item is scheduled for a public hearing, the Board allows citizen comments during that agenda item.

If you have a matter of concern, first contact the appropriate Township department for assistance. Township staff may be able to address your concern more quickly than the Board is able to add it to their agenda.  If you are not satisfied with Township staff’s response or resolution, you can always address the Township Board on any matter of concern.

Addressing the Township Board:

• Determine if your matter of concern is on the agenda or if it should be brought up during "public comments". 
• The chair will ask for citizen comments on non-agenda items during the "public comments" section of the meeting. When this is announced, you may request to be acknowledged by the Supervisor.
• Give your name and address (for the record) before sharing your concerns.
• Speak directly to the meeting’s chair.
• State your concern clearly and succinctly. Be specific.

If you are interested in circulating a petition for the placement of a water or sewer line, etc., you may obtain the petition form online or at the Township office. Once you have received the necessary signatures, return the petition to the Township office and the item will be placed on the Township Board agenda for review.

If you would like to contact board members directly, below are each of their email addresses:
Elected Township Officials  
Supervisor Grace Lesperance
Clerk Susan Slater
Treasurer Windy Korstange
Trustee Tom McDonald
Trustee John Shipley
Trustee Timmy Noordhoek
Trustee Jim Koessel