Wisner Center Reservation

Wisner Center Front DoorWisner Center room reservations are only available to these groups in the following order of priority:

1.  Election activities
2.  Cascade Township sponsored events
3.  Kent District Library sponsored programs
4.  Homeowner or condo associations
5.  501(c)3 Non-profit, service groups and clubs 
6.  Businesses based in Cascade Township for internal meetings only, not business development, sales, public education or commercial activities.

If you are interested in making a room reservation for the Wisner Center, please see the rules, room arrangements and reservation links below.

The application and payment must be submitted to the Cascade Township office (5920 Tahoe Dr SE) before the room(s) can be reserved.

Please call (616) 949-1500 to make a reservation or make a Wisner Center reservation request online using our parks reservation portal.  Choose 'Wisner Center' as the facility you want to rent.
Printer Friendly Wisner Center Rules
Printer Friendly Wisner Center Room Arrangements
Printer Friendly Wisner Center Application