Pedestrian Pathways

Thornhills Pathway
Thornhills Pathway (0.5 Miles) 


Cascade Road Pathway
Cascade Road Pathway (4 Miles)


Wycliff Pathway
Wycliff Pathway (0.2 Miles)


36th Street Pathway
36th Street Pathway (0.7 Miles)


Burton Street Pathway
Burton Street Pathway (1.2 Miles)


Spaulding Pathway
Spaulding Pathway   (1.67 Miles)


In 1996, a two and a half mile asphalt path was constructed along the north side of Cascade Rd. It runs west from the village to Hall St. and has been enormously popular to pedestrians, bicyclists and rollerbladers. The success of the path inspired a special election for the construction of additional pathways.  As a result, Cascade Township now boasts an impressive 17 miles of pedestrian pathways spanning both sides of the Thornapple River (please refer to the pedestrian pathway map)

The pathways are maintained year-round by the Buildings and Grounds Department. Maintenance includes mowing, debris removal, refilling Mutt-Mitt dispensers and trash removal.  

In the winter months, the paths are kept open using a combination of plow trucks and a Bobcat Toolcat utility vehicle.  Motorized vehicles are not permitted, other than vehicles necessary to maintain the system.

The paths include a number of bridges over ravines, wetlands and creeks, as well as several attractive retaining walls along hillsides. All of the paths are marked with appropriate signage to warn pedestrians of road crossings, steep hills, sharp curves, etc., and there are trash receptacles located throughout for your convenience.

Pathway Distance
Burton Street 2.0 Miles
Buttrick Avenue 3.1 Miles
Cascade Road 4.1 Miles
LarawayLake 1.2 Miles
Orange St. 0.2 Miles
Peace St. 0.1 Miles
Spaulding 1.6 Miles
Thornapple River Drive 2.1 Miles
Thorncrest 0.1 Miles
Thornhills Avenue 0.7 Miles
Wycliff 0.2 Miles
30th Street 1.2 Miles
36th Street 0.7 Miles
Total Miles 17.3 Miles

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