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Cascade Township, Michigan
Serene Vistas...  Plentiful Trees...  Two Rivers...  One Community...
Serene Vistas...  Plentiful Trees...  Two Rivers...  One Community...

Bicycle Safety Tips

The warm weather is upon us and with that comes the need to remember important bicycle safety tips:

  • Remember, a bike is not a toy. It is a vehicle on the road and is subject to traffic laws and rules of safe conduct.
  • While riding in the street, go in the same direction as traffic, but stay far over to the right side of the road.
  • Never ride two persons on one bicycle.
  • Stop at every red light, just like a car. Always look to the left, right, and left again before proceeding into an intersection.
  • It would be best not to ride after dark, but if you do for some reason, wear light colored clothes and by law you must have a headlight and rear reflectors on the bike.
  • Have all major bicycle repairs done by a trained bicycle mechanic.
  • Never carry any objects in your hands. Use a carrying rack or backpack.
  • Be alert for road hazards such as: pot holes, manhole covers, storm sewer grates, and loose gravel.
  • Use your head to ride safe…not to land on if you fall from your bike. The smart way to use your head is by putting a safety helmet on it. Make sure it fits correctly. If it's too loose it will not protect you. You can make it nice and snug with adjusting pads available at your local bike shop.
  • Remember to share these safety tips with your children, practice them, and make sure your child puts a helmet on whenever he or she gets on their bike, even in your driveway.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding bicycle safety, or rules of the road feel free to contact me anytime.

Deputy Ryan Roe
East Precinct Community Police