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Cascade Township, Michigan
Serene Vistas...  Plentiful Trees...  Two Rivers...  One Community...
Serene Vistas...  Plentiful Trees...  Two Rivers...  One Community...

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Cascade Township Fire Department Purchases New Life-Saving Technology

Release date: 4/11/2018

Contact Name: Katelyn Crain
Contact Phone: Sabo PR, 248.881.9906

Cascade Township Fire Department Purchases New Life-Saving Technology
CPR Technology, Rescue Truck Will Improve Ability to Address Rescue and Medical Emergencies
Cascade Township, Michigan, April 11, 2018 – Cascade Charter Township is enhancing its ability to address rescue and medical emergencies with the addition of new life-saving technology, including two new Lucas 3 CPR devices and a new Rosenbauer rescue truck.
The Lucas 3 CPR devices are designed to provide uninterrupted and perfectly timed chest compressions, creating life-sustaining circulation for cardiac arrest patients. In these critical situations, the devices remove psychological factors, individual variations and fatigue that first responders and paramedics often face when providing CPR, leaving them to instead focus efforts on other necessary and crucial tasks.
“By using the Lucas CPR devices, the quality of life and survivability of someone who is facing cardiac arrest significantly improves,” Fire Chief Adam Magers said. “Previously, we were performing CPR manually, which can be difficult and exhausting, requiring individuals to swap in and out every two minutes. With these devices, we can now use that manpower to obtain the critical information necessary to save a life – while making the overall community safer.”
The Lucas 3 CPR devices were used by the department three times the first day they were in service and have since been a significantly useful resource for the community. Prior to this new technology, the Township sent the whole department to respond to a cardiac event, which required multiple resources to perform manual CPR. This proved to be a challenge when several calls came in at once. With the new devices, the department is now able to send two firefighters, while three remain at the stations to handle incoming incidences.
“The Lucas devices are always ready to go,” Magers explained. “We have one at each station, positioned in each medic unit, so wherever the call is coming from, a device can make it as quickly as possible to the situation—and there is no delay in getting quality care.”
Each of the devices can be plugged into a wall outlet while in use and can also be used continuously for up to an hour before using power from its backup battery. Additionally, the systems are widely known by paramedics and hospital staff, as the odds of survival while using these devices significantly improve.
During the same time, the fire department also took delivery of its new rescue truck, which is larger and offers more safety features than its previous truck. Some new features include 300 gallons of water and foam capability, preconnected hose-lines and a generator with a telescoping light tower.
“While the last truck served us well, we’ve outgrown it and were due for an upgrade,” Magers said. “Our new truck is larger in size, providing plenty of space for the team and the necessary equipment. It also has water and foam on it, which are resources we did not previously have.”

Because of the improved size of the truck, the rescuers have more protection while responding to highway incidences, as the truck will be used to block traffic when rescue work is occurring. Previously, the department’s station one truck was too small to use as protection during these types of rescues—requiring the team to put themselves in dangerous situations before the larger truck from station two could arrive to serve as a barrier.
The department anticipates the new truck will have a useful life of 15-20 years and has reassigned its old truck to tow the boat for water rescue situations.
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