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The Michigan Building Code requires a permit be acquired by an owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure. Section 105.2 lists several exemptions to this requirement.
Property assessments are appealed to the March Board of Review. This is held every year by law, beginning on the second Monday in March. Cascade Township generally has two days of hearings. You may appeal in person or by letter. If you wish to appeal in person, you must call for an appointment.

The March Board of Review has the ability to correct assessments, change property classification and grant poverty exemptions. If a residential property is not appealed to the March Board of Review, the assessment is final until the following year.
In the restricted area, which include properties lying west of Buttrick Avenue and north of Interstate 96, and north 28th Street and west of Interstate 96, a property owner is expected to maintain their property within the established and prevailing neighborhood standard. In most cases, property owners are required to cut their grass once it has reached eight inches in length. If you are concerned about your neighbor’s grass the community standards officer will respond and determine a course of action.
All accessory buildings must receive zoning approval for the placement of the building. All accessory buildings over 832 square feet in size are required to get a building permit and a Type 1 Special Use Permit from the Planning Commission. All Accessory Buildings over 200 Sq. Ft. are required to get a building permit.
Yes.  Burning brush is allowed in Cascade Township.  Cascade Township is divided into two areas, restricted and non-restricted.  Review the Burn Ordinance for more information including but not limited to timeframes.

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